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Become a Member
The Farmington River Elementary PTA is a group of parent and staff volunteers who help to bridge the gap that is often left by limitations in school funding and/or manpower. Our financial and volunteer support allows for us to provide a wide variety of activities aimed at building a strong, fun and exciting school and community.

Why Become a Member?

  • By becoming a member, you are saying that you support our efforts. It doesn’t mean you’re committing to attending meetings or volunteering, but we welcome and encourage both!
  • When parents are involved in their children’s education, students are more likely to succeed.
  • By becoming a PTA member, you will demonstrate how important a good education is to your child’s future.
  • There is no better way to stay connected and know what is happening in your school.
  • PTA is an opportunity to meet other parents and teachers by building relationships.
  • By volunteering you put your skills to good use and help enrich your child‘s growth.
  • PTA can be a way for you to be more effective by suggesting change in your child’s school.
  • By getting involved you will become part of the solution, making positive changes.  PTA plays an important role in fundraising in order to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events for our children.

What Exactly Do We Provide?
The PTA has provided the following programs and plans to continue them with your support:

  • Educational Assemblies
  • Family Fun Events
  • Holiday Shop
  • Otis Ridge Ski Program
  • Winter Tubing Trip
  • March Madness
  • Screen Free Week
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Field Day
  • Classroom Fieldtrips
  • Fundraising for teachers, individual class years and the school as a whole
  • New Equipment for Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education & Playground/Recess

How Do You Become a Member?

You can join the PTA for a mere $5! We welcome all parents, friends, teachers, grandparents, community members and neighbors.

You can become a member by completing this membership form and submitting it with your dues, to the office, or by mail to Farmington River Elementary PTA, P.O. Box 679, Otis, MA 01253.

Next, volunteer your time.  Once you are a member, we will email you volunteer opportunities.