Student Services

Director of Student Services: Mike Saporito, 413-269-4466, ext. 139,

Special Education

The Farmington River Regional School District must provide programs designed to meet the particular educational needs of children with learning disabilities.  Some children who require special education may require no more than occasional support services; some may require two or three hours of specialized instruction a day; some may require placement in a special class or even a special school.  Each child determined to have a learning disability will have in Individualized Education Program (IEP) designed to meet his or her needs.

Referral for Special Education

Referrals can be made by parents, teachers, the principal or through the preschool screenings.  If a parent believes his or her school-aged child is in need of special education services, that concern should be discussed with the student’s teacher.  Before a school-age child is formally referred, classroom modifications usually occur, such as changes in the reading, language arts or mathematics programs.  Every effort is made to help the child be successful in the regular classroom before special services are provided.  A Planning and Placement Team meeting may be held to discuss the child’s needs if modifications prove unsuccessful.  Either the teacher or parent may then initiate a referral through the principal or the Director of Student Services.

Special Education and Services

The following programs and services are offered at the Farmington River Elementary School:

1. Early Childhood Special Education is an integrated, school-based program of developmental learning for preschool age children, at least three years old, with special needs.

2.  Integrated Special Education services are for students with special social, emotional, physical or intellectual needs.

3. Speech and Language Services are provided by therapists who instruct students with disorders of speech, oral language, and hearing.

4. School counseling is provided to special education students individually and/or in groups.

5.  Psychological assessment and services are provided by a psychologist who assesses intellectual and personality functioning.  The psychologist may also make referrals to outside agencies when appropriate.

6. Occupational/Physical Therapy are services that are offered to special education students when required.

7. Transportation is provided for those students who are unable to ride the regular school bus because of their special education needs.

Home-bound Instruction – Homebound Instruction is provided when a child’s condition will cause his absence from school for at least three weeks duration.  Instruction begins no later than two weeks from the first day of absence.  Instruction is for five hours per week for children in grades K-6 and ten hours per week for students in grades 7-12.  When appropriate, the Planning and Placement Team may decrease the instruction time.  If a child is going to be absent from school for at least three weeks for medical reasons, please contact the school principal or Director of Student Services to request home-bound instruction.

Title I Assistance – Academic assistance is offered to students through the federal Title I grant program.  Students are recommended for services according to assessment results and teacher referrals.

504 Plans – Classroom accommodations for individual needs can be made according to 504 plan recommendations.