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January 2020


The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will be conducting a Tiered Focus Monitoring Review of the Farmington River Regional School District Special Education Programs.

The onsite Education Review Process will occur on March 4th, 2020 from 8 AM until 4 PM.

United States Census 2020 – Click Here to Learn More

School Musical Open Reading for the Public:

Students and parents working on, participating in, and volunteering to help with this year’s Spring Musical, “THE COWHANDS AND THE ALIENS RESCUE EARTH” are invited to attend an open public reading of the play on the Evening of January 24th, from 5:30 until 7:30. A bake sale and fundraiser will be held the same night to raise additional funds for the musical. Everyone interested in helping with or being in the show is welcome to attend and listen to the first open reading of this original script!


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and as always if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us in the Cafe. Breakfast is available to all students. If your child qualifies for a free or reduced lunch they also qualify for a free or reduced breakfast. Best
wishes for the New Year!


Student Council would like to invite parents and children to participate in and at-tend FRRSD’s Open Mic Night on Friday, February 7th, from 6 – 8 pm. A fund-raising bake sale will be held to offer refreshments during the night’s entertainment. If you would like to share a song, a poem, a funny story or joke, or play a musical instrument, please sign up to perform your number by contacting Ms. Catullo at

Student Council is also hosting a school-wide fundraiser to raise awareness of environmental issues, “FLIGHT FOR OUR FUTURE”. Children will be provided kits to create paper airplanes at home and gain sponsor pledges of family and friends who want to pledge money for every yard the plane flies on FLIGHT DAY, February 28th. Pledges can range from $1 to $10 for the entire flight or for portions of the flight, and will be collected by the students who participate after they test their planes in the gymnasium during the day, Friday 2/28. Before Flight Day, students will discuss ways they can conserve earth’s resources and learn more about how some local Berkshire County Groups are helping to do that. The class that earns the most pledges will be rewarded with a pizza/ice cream lunch party. Donations will benefit a local environmental group and Student Council.


Thank you to all the parents and children who attended the Art Exhibit Opening on December 19th!

This month students in grades pre-k through 1 will be planning and preparing for a puppet show, with handmade puppets and puppet sets.

Grades 2-3 will be using a variety of media including scratch paper and paint, while Grades 4 and 5 will be doing drawings of ducks and geese and learning about transferring images using transfer paper.
They will also be using watercolors. Grade 6 has been working on poster designs to prevent smoking and vaping, which will be entered in the Statewide calendar contest. They will also begin to build some of the sets for the Spring musical this month using large cardboard boxes, Styrofoam pieces, and hot glue guns (a favorite tool!)


We kicked off the holidays last month with talking about Gratitude and kindness, a favorite book of ours was The Gratitude Jar, by Kristin Wiens; we will continue this topic throughout as the December, as the holiday continues. The kids are focusing on what they are thankful for throughout the day. They will all write something they are thankful for, and we will create a chain to display in the school, make sure you check it out!!

Don’t be afraid to ask you children what they are thankful for each day. When they have a more challenging day go back to the things they said they were grateful for in the past, this could help change their difficult day. Happy Holidays!


Students in grades K-2 will continue to work on jump rope skills and transition to dance! Students in grades 3-6 will start with pillow polo and round out the month with flag football. Our All-School Walk is on Friday, January 24th at 2:10. The 21st—25th is No Name Calling Week and we will continue to work on spreading kindness throughout the building!



Thank you to everyone who came out to the Knox to support the PTA and their Dining to Donate Fundraiser!

January 2020

Dear Families,

The FRRES Faculty and Staff are committed to academic excellence for all students. We will do whatever it takes to help each child reach academic success! As our partner, we need your assistance to achieve our goal. Do you read to your child each night? No matter the age, all children benefit from hearing fluent readers. This exposes your child to quality literature that he/she may not be able to read and provides a special bonding time for you and your child. Just 20 minutes a night can make a world of difference!

You can also help by having your child arrive on time each day. There is a very high correlation between good attendance and good grades. Being punctual is an important life skill that kids can learn at an early age. This helps students begin their day on a positive note.

With colder temperatures here to stay, students should bring proper clothing to go outside for recess. In most cases, the decision is made only a few minutes prior to students going outside. I base my decision on air temperature and
wind chill.

This is a good time to ensure that we have accurate telephone numbers and email addresses on file so that all families receive the instant message when a telephone/email announcement is made. Please let the Main Office know if you have had any changes to your contact information.

Your partner in education,
Tom Nadolny

Cash Calendar Winners!
2019 Winners:
Feb 26 - Julie Fielding, $250 donated by Mark & Sherry DeCelle, Ameriprise Financial
Feb 27 - Kelly Dolan, $100 donated by Wendy Berman, Iron Blender Studio
Feb 28 - Nick Dellaguistina, $250 donated in Memory of BRP
March 1 - Hannah Van Sickle, $100 donated by  Otis Poultry Farm and Farmington River Diner
March 2 - Roger Meyer, $250 donated by John Field Tree Services
March 3 - Deb Prew, $150 donated by Stearns Construction
March 4 - Robin Morrison, $250 donated by GJ Pease Logging & Land Clearing
March 5 - Roger Meyer, $100 donated by P&R Construction
March 6 - Jessica Havens, $125 donated by A&M Auto
March 7 - Dolores Harasyko, $100 donated by Jody's Floor Sanding
March 8 - Meghann Arnold, $50 donated by Soules Sports and Fitness
March 9 - Francine Larson, $100 donated by Kimberly Electric
March 10 - Melissa OBrien, $100 donated by Katie's Country Store
March 11 - Kristen Curtin Palmer, $50 donated by Berkshire Mountain Sculpture (Ken Packie)
March 12 - Kim Wilder, $125 donated by RSE, LLC Bogart Muller
March 13 - James Schwab, $ 50 donated by KRM Office Equipment
March 14 - Tom Lovett, $75 donated by John's Home Improvement
March 15 - Jerry Keefner, $150 donated by SS Home Improvements (Steve Seddon)
March 16 - Linda White, $100 donated by RJ Beham Forest Products
March 17 - Ben Strauss, $500 donated by Soap and Suds
March 18 - Marion Middleton, $150 donated by New Boston Crane
March 19 - Marion Middleton, $50 donated by Colebrook Store
March 20 - Alexcia Adams, $250 donated by Tonlino & Sons
March 21 - Jenna Lewis, $150 donated by Curtiss Landscaping
March 22 - Michelle Lane, $100 donated by Riska Brook Orchard
March 23 - David McCuin, $250 donated by Knox Trail Inn
March 24 - Tim Grady, $100 donated by Pittsfield Comnunication Systems, Inc.
March 25 - Dennis Mountain, $100 donated by Berkshire Bank
March 26 - Carole Hammer, $100 donated by Chester Granite
March 27 - Allie Crespo, $100 donated by Susan Tarasuk (Snow Farm)
March 28 - Wendy Scott, $100 donated by Gary O'Brien
March 29 - Sheila Miezejewski, $100 donated by the Drenga Family
March 30 - Roger Bailey Sr., $100 donated by Chip Crandall - Meyer Well Drilling
March 31 - Daniel Odell - $100 donated by Bruce's Hardware
April 1 - Myrtle Ross - $100 donated by Center for Dance
April 2 - Mike Funk - $50 donated by Tucker's
April 3 - Barb Adams - $75 donated by Osiris Photo Co.
April 4 - Ron Wightwood - $100 donated by Subterranean Drilling
April 5 - Lorie Smigel - $100 donated by Mielke Landscape & Construction