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May 2020

 Coronavirus (Covid-19) District Updates and Student/Family Resources Available During the School Closure.  

Farmington River Regional School District will close beginning on March 16th continuing through the end of the school year.  The closure is ordered by Governor Charles Baker to limit the spread of COVID-19. We will be contacting families throughout the closure to provide information to parents and resources for students and families.

Farmington River Distance Learning at it’s Best!

A Day In The Life Of Mr. Keller Video Series

School Principal’s Day

Throughout the school year, these educators assume the commitment to lead our young people to a prosperous future. They support and guide quality teachers and staff resulting in productive learning environments for our children. In May we celebrate School Principal’s Day!

Remember to take the time to thank Mr. Nadolny!


Farmington River will be celebrating Screen-Free week starting May 18th! Challenge yourself to go screen-free for a part of each day. Even 10 minutes of screen-free time pro-vides an opportunity for creative thinking, family connection and so much more! Farmington River staff have created a giant list of fun, family activities to help get you jumpstarted. There are even some amazing community service projects on there! Take a look and see what ideas your teachers have for being screen-free. Send a picture to show your teachers and friends what you did to celebrate Screen-Free Week!

Farmington River Elementary School teachers provide so much to our students’ inspiration, motivation, and futures.

Our teachers change the lives of the students every day, and their impact extends far beyond the boundaries of their classrooms, especially now that we have transitioned to remote learning!

In May we celebrate all of the amazing teachers that Farmington River has. Send your teacher a message thanking him/her for all they do day in and day out to make sure our students continue to grow and thrive!

School Lunch Hero Day

In May we celebrate Ms. Kendra and Ms. Candy for all they do and continue to do to provide healthy breakfast and lunch options for our children. Send them a message and let them know you appreciate all they do for the children of Farmington River.

National School Nurse Day – 

National School Nurse Day honors all school nurses who care for the children n the schools every day. In the month of May we celebrate Mrs. Zuidema for all the great care she gives us all! Send Mrs. Zuidema a message thanking her for all she does to keep Farmington River students healthy!


Here is the link to a great read aloud by Awnie’s Story Time. It is called “Why We Stay Home, Susie Learns About Corona Virus.”



Remote Learning Artwork by Ms. Catullo’s Artists

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Dads, Step-Mothers, Step-Fathers, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers making a difference in the life of a child.

May 2020

Dear FRES Parent/Guardian,

First, let me say I hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this newsletter. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have been adjusting, like you, to the drastic changes in life during the last few months. I am extremely appreciative of our students, parents, guardians, teachers, and staff for their positivity, flexibility, and resilience during these trying times. A huge debt of gratitude also goes to all of our doctors, nurses, hospital employees, first responders, and our state leaders for all they are doing to keep us safe and healthy.

As you know, distance learning for FRES is in full motion. Our goal is to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for students while schools are closed but also to try to eliminate as much stress as feasibly possible for students and parents. While it is our responsibility to continue to educate our children, we also want to compassionately take into consideration the variety of difficulties that our families and employees are enduring during this time. If you are having trouble with your child’s current format of learning please contact your child’s teacher. The expectation is that all students should be completing assignments on a regular basis.

In closing, one of the main focus points for our educators and students during the 2019-2020 school year has been having a “growth mindset.” A growth mindset unlocks our ability to learn and grow especially during challenging times. Little did we know how important this growth mindset would be for all of us this year! Because of this experience and our growth mindset, I believe we all will be stronger when we come out on the other side of the COVID-19 Pandemic! History is being written! We hold the pen! Together, we will write the BEST story for our children!

Please contact your teacher/s or administrators if you or your students need support.

Stay strong! Stay healthy!

Mr. Nadolny

Cash Calendar Winners!
2020 Winners:
March 1, 2020 - Malcolm McCain $300. Donation from Chaffee Construction 413-429-5972
March 2, 2020 - Brian Croey $100. Donation Bruce's Hardware 413-269-4309
March 3, 2020 - Marybeth Borachez $100. Donation from Chester Granite 413-269-4287
March 4, 2020 - Cheryl Green $250. Donation from "In Memory of BRP"
March 5, 2020 - James Densivy $200. Donation from Gary O'Brien Property Services. 413-441-1357
March 6, 2020 - Tom Soules Jr $250 Donation from GJ Pease Logging & Land Clearing 413-258-4894
March 7, 2020 - Bruce Plank $250 Donation from John Field Tree Service 413-329-6519
March 8, 2020 - Nicole Penna $100 Donation from Katie's Country Store 413-269-4211
March 9, 2020 - Chris Spring $250 Donation from Knox Trail Inn 413-269-4400
March 10, 2020 - Nick Hiller $150 Cash Donation by New Boston Crane 413-258-4653
March 11, 2020 - Deb Prew $100 Cash Donation by Pittsfield Communications Systems Inc 888-297-2346
3/12/2020 Joy Boyer #0924 - $125 Cash Donation by RSE, LLC Bogart Muller 413-717-1559
3/13/2020 Phil Colgan #1929  - $100 Cash Donation by Riiska Brook Orchard 413-258-4761
3/14/2020 Irene Gray # 0953 S - $100 Cash Donation by RJ Beham Forest Products 413-229-2182
3/15/2020 Gary Hagar #1750  - $150 Cash Donation by SS Home Improvements Steve Seddon 413-563-1483
3/16/2020 Alice Lord # 1252  - $100 Cash Donation by The Drenga Family
3/17/2020 Jay Reynolds #1138 S - $500 Cash Donation by Soap and Suds 413-269-8905
3/18/2020 Hanna Chamberland #0896  - $250 Cash Donation by Tolino & Sons 413-329-8083
3/19/2020 Gail Soules #1410  - $200 Cash Donation by AK Construction 413-386-4739
3/20/2020 Donna DiTucci #0196 S - $100 Cash Donation by CW Nelson Landscaping & Nursery 413-258-3375
3/21/2020 Jessica Cook #1940  - $200 Cash Donation by Irish Trucking 413-281-8990
3/22/2020 Ethan Lemon #1877  - $100 Cash Donation by Lambert Landscape Construction Zachary Lambert 413-770-2901
3/23/2020 Zoe Nelson #0800  - $50 Cash Donation by Lombardi Builders 413-329-6056
3/24/2020 Creighton Curtiss #0916  - $100 Cash Donation by Michelle Manto Acupuncture 413-644-9488
3/25/2020 Destiny Velasquez #1916  - $100 Cash Donation by Sunny Rose Farm 413-446-4944
3/26/2020 Frank Gaulin #1748 - $200 Cash Donation by WD Hewins & Sons 413-229-8849
3/27/2020 Mike Steben  - $75 Cash Donation by Berkshire Mountain Sculpture- Ken Packie 413-281-0591
3/28/2020 Heather Ball  - $50 Cash Donation by Center for Dance II 860-379-9755
3/29/2020 Tony Campetti #0612  - $100 Cash Donation by Iron Blender Studios Wendy Berman
3/30/2020 Doreen Lee #0506 - $100 Cash Donation by P&R Construction 413-717-2283
3/31/2020 Ken Fogarty #0806 - $100 Cash Donation by Snow Farm Susan Tarasuk 413-717-0579
4/1/2020 Pop's Root # 0932  - $50 Cash Donation by Colebrook Store 860-379-5031
4/2/2020 Diane Kilmer # 1645  - $100 Cash Donation by Jody's Floor Sanding 413-269-3528
4/3/2020 Bobby Travers # 0199  - $100 Cash Donation by Kimberley Electric 413-441-0212
4/4/2020 Amy Maxton #0073  - $50 Cash Donation by Andrus Power Solutions 413-644-5500
4/5/2020 Kelly Bianco #1642  - $50 Cash Donation by Barrington Brewery & the Craumer Family
4/6/2020 Erik Fredsall #0708  - $100 Cash Donation by Havens Lawn & Patio 413-528-3602
4/7/2020 Bryanah Johnson #1702 Sold by Connor Lewis - $150 Cash Donation by JR Wilkinson Construction 413-229-2039
4/8/2020 Kristen Brown #0821  - $100 Cash Donation by Chip Paul Stone Works 413-269-4455
4/9/2020 Dusty Haas # 1685  - $50 Cash Donation by Zabian's Jewelers 413-243-0508
4/10/2020 Gerry Curtin # 1203  - $100 Cash Donation by Berkshire Bank 800-773-5601
4/11/2020 Shannon Decker #0274 S - $100 Cash Donation by Subterranean Drilling 413-269-7152
4/12/2020 Becca Martin #1614   - $125 Cash Donation by A&M Auto 413-258-3381
4/13/2020 Tom Saunders #1263  - $100 Cash Donation by Meyer Well Drilling Chip Crandall 413-269-4578
4/14/2020 Lisa Valente #1629  - $50 Cash Donation by Innovation Renovation 413-429-1621
4/15/2020 Cindy Valentine # 0961  - $250 Cash Donation by Ameriprise Financial 413-644-3270