March 2019

Employment Opportunity: Substitute positions are available for both teachers and paraprofessionals. Please call 413-269-4466 and ask for Teresa if you are interested.

Health and PE News: March is time for our March Madness Unit across our special area teachers! In PE classes, students will be learning and building upon our basketball skills of dribbling, ball handling,
passing and shooting through various drills and activities. Grades 4th-6th will further learn
about offense v. defense and strategy through game play. Reading plays a part in PE class as well. Students earn foul shots for each number of books read or minutes read (grade dependent). They will take the foul shots during PE classes. Students in grades 3rd-6th can earn a spot in our hot shot shooting contest during our final assembly if they make the most foul shots, so make sure to READ READ READ!!! The class that reads the most will also shoot in our knockout contest. Looking forward to a fun month!

Art Corner…This month students are gearing up for MARCH MADNESS which
is a collaborative program involving reading, basketball, and all of the special subjects, Art, Music, PE, and Technology. In ART all students will be creating unique designs for basketball team uniforms
(grades pre-k through 2) and college pennant logos (grades 3-6). A select number of pennant and logo designs will be chosen to be displayed permanently as ,this year’s Elite Eight. The program will run through the month with a final assembly held at the beginning of April. Next month all students will participate in the “Creating
with Clay” unit.

Student Council News…Council members are planning an all school event for grades 1-6 to be held Friday May 1st, 2019. This event will include an Olympics Games Program where students will try to earn medals for their skills in tumbling, relay racing, hop scotch, hula hoop and other games. Olympic Games will be open to all students in grades 1-6 and will be held in the school gymnasium from 5:30 until 7:30. Snacks will be served and prizes will be awarded. There will be a $3 admission fee to cover the costs of snacks and materials. The second half of the evening will be an end of the year dance for grades 4-6, from 7:30 until 9. The admission fee for the dance will be $5 and will allow students to participate in the olympic program before the dance. There will be refreshments, and music with a student council DJ. In order to go forward with the plan we must have at least 20 parent/teacher volunteers to help with planning, decorating, and refreshments. Profits earned from the event will be donated to a local charity. Parents interested in volunteering to help with this evening of fun should contact Laura Catullo at

Donors Choose: Thank you to the generous mem-bers from our community for once again funding another donors choose project from our school. The First Graders in Mrs. Martin’s class will now be enjoying brand new Guided Reading books.

March Technology News… Computer Fun and Learning – Earth Science Weathering is the process where rock is dis-solved, worn away or broken down into smaller and smaller pieces. Once the rock has been weakened and broken up by weathering it is ready for erosion. Erosion happens when rocks and sediments are picked up and moved to an-other place by ice, water, wind or gravity.
Grades K-2 –
Grades 4-6 –

FRRSD Celebrates Read Across America

On Monday, March 4th Farmington River students welcomed readers from the community into their classrooms to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Thank you to Brian Arnold, Dana Pustinger, Sue Ebitz, Gary Thomas, Trooper O’Neil, Lyn O’Brien, and Max Koivisto for volunteering to read in our classrooms.

Box Tops for Education: Please continue to send in your Box Tops to help support our classrooms. In March we were able to receive $216 for our school. The next submission will be on June 1st. Be sure that the box tops are not expired before sending them in with your child.