A Day In The Life Of Mr. Keller Video Series

Hi FRRSD families.  Mr. Keller here!  During our social distancing at home, I have produced a series of videos that are designed to reach out to students, touch base with them and hopefully put a smile on their faces.  I have even snuck in some teaching. (Can’t help myself!). I keep adding to my collection, so please check this page often and also the Colonial Life With Mr. Keller page.

I have added a new series called Colonial Life With Mr. Keller. To view Colonial Life With Mr. Keller, Click Here.

Please enjoy the following videos and feel free to comment back at ckeller@frrsd.org

Episode 1…Visiting My Woodshop.

Episode 2…A Walk In The Woods

Episode 3.,..Colonial Writing

Episode 4….Camping Out Inside

Episode 5….Cooking With Chef Keller

A Bike Trip With Mr. K.  Powerpoint











Episode 6 – Colonial Lights

Episode 7 – A Swiss Dinner With Mr. K.

Episode 8 (3 Part Series) – Making Boxty

Part 1 – Making Boxty, Traditional Irish Pancakes

Part 2 – Making Boxty

Part 3 – Boxty and River Dancing