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June 2018

Art Corner News….

For part of their Sculpture Unit in Art, 5th Grade chose teams to create sculptures to portray and begin to answer provocative questions, such as “Can We Stop Global Warming?”, “Is Love Magic?”, “Can Pigs Fly?”, and “How Strong is Nature?”

The Teams then created posters to describe their work and their creative process.


Happy Father’s Day

Patient, kind, honest, and strong, 
You have been there for me all along 
You’re all that a kid could ever want, 
Staying through my every stunt. 

I can’t believe I get to call you dad, 
You’re the best anyone ever had 
To call you my own is a true honor 
’Cause there could never be a better father. 


The Sixth Grade Commencement/Graduation will be held on Thursday, June 14th at 6:00pm in our gymnasium.  Students are welcome to invite family and friends to the ceremony and reception.


A Commencement Committee has been formed and we are going with the student-generated “beach” theme. Committee members are busy putting together a slide show, ordering flowers, purchasing decorations and making baked goods for our reception which will be held directly after the ceremony.


We still need several more helpers to volunteer for decorating on the day of the graduation.  Please email or drop a note for Mr. Keller (  if you can lend a helping hand!



Kid’s Café News ….

May’s Harvest of the Month was Seafood and the students enjoyed sampling Cod and clam strips! What a huge hit…almost every student tried fish! June’s Harvest is Strawberries!

The Kid’s Cafe celebrated “Fiesta Friday” and students enjoyed tacos, guacamole and lots of sides to go with their tacos. They enjoyed listening to Mariachi music and all of the students got beaded necklaces! Thank you to the PTA for the decorations and beads. 

The Kid’s Cafe wishes all of our students, families & staff a safe and happy fun filled summer!


Kendra, Candy & Star


Health & PE News …

Thanks for a wonderful school year!! Enjoy your summer break and I’ll see you all again in January! – Mrs. Daley

Sun Safety Tips

-Limit time in the midday sun (sun’s rays are the strongest between 10am and 4pm)-Seek Shade
-Always use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Make sure to reapply every two hours!
-Wear a hat, sunglasses and cover up
-Watch for the UV index


Kindergarten News…

Muffins with Mom was a huge success! Kindergarten students, along with their mothers, grandmothers, and/or aunts, enjoyed muffins and juice on the afternoon of May 10th. Each student presented their guest with a card and a rose. Students also read to their “special person” from their Independent Readers that they work on in class.

Kindergarten students will also be hosting Donuts with Dad on Friday June 8th @2:00p. We hope that fathers, grandfathers, and/or uncles will be able to join their student.


June 2018

The end of the school year is finally here. We have many exciting events that the students have been looking forward to all year. We have included these dates below for quick reference.

We cannot thank our parents, guardians, and the general public enough for all the support you have provided for our students throughout the year.  The staff and I would also like to thank our PTA for their outstanding fundraising efforts that directly impact students.   Students were able to attend field trips, and teachers were given funding to purchase supplementary materials to enhance our students’ academic experience.  The list goes on and on.

Just a quick reminder, all books need to be returned to the library. Our librarian will be doing a book inventory the first week of June. She will be sending home reminders for lost books soon.

This summer help keep kids physically and mentally active. Try to organize hikes and games that explore your neighborhood and state parks to keep active. Regularly visit the library to check out summer reading materials.

Also, please help students keep good attendance until the end of the year. Academic programs will continue right up until the end of the year. The last day for students will be June 15th. That day is a half-day and students will be released at 11:45.  Last year without Blizzard Bags it was June 23rd.

All parents and guardians will be receiving a survey on the Blizzard Bag program.  I would like to hear your opinion, so please respond when you receive one. 

Finally, if you move this summer or change your contact information, we would love to hear from you. I can be reached at or by calling 413-269-4466 ext. 148.

Have a safe and exciting summer break!

Tom Nadolny


Cash Calendar Winners!
2/28/18 - Shari Foucher - $300 donated by Mark & Sherry DeCelle, Ameriprise Financial, 413-644-3270
2/29/18 - Lindsay Smith - $100 donated by Wendy Berman, Iron Blender Studios,
3/1/18 -  Ed Deming -  $250 Donated in Memory of BRP
3/2/18 – Paul Quigley - $100 Otis Poultry Farm & Farmington River Diner
3/3/18 – Kristen O’Brien - $250 John Field Tree Service
3/4/18 – Michael Koldys - $150 Stearns Construction
3/5/18 - Kevin Granger - $200 donated by GJ Pease Logging & Land Clearing
3/6/18 - Bethany Perry - $100 donated by P&R Construction
3/7/18  - Joseph Salzano -  $200  Anonymous donor
3/8/18 - Rich O'Brien - $100 donated by Jody's Floor Sanding
3/9/18 - Frania Caulfield  - $50 donated by Hair in Otis
3/10/18 - Dave Prouty - $100 donated by Robert R. Kimberley, Electrician
3/11/18 - Corraine Annecharico - $100 donated by Anonymous
3/12/18 - Dorothy French - $75 donated by Wood Sculpture by KF Packie
3/13/18 - Glenn Pierce - $120 donated by RSE, LLC Bogart Muller
3/14/18 - Lori Curtain  - $50 donated by KRM Office Equipment
3/15/18 - Mary Ellen Douthwright - $100 donated by John's Home Improvement
3/16/ 18 - Henry Sweren  - $150 donated by SS Home Improvements/Steve Seddon
3/17/18 - Tab VanDeusen  - $500 donated by Soap & Suds
3/18/18  - Daniel Odell - $100 donated by RJ Beham Forest Products
3/19/18 -  Michael Decker - $150 donated by New Boston Crane
3/20/18 - Frania Caulfield   - $150 donated by Andrus Power Solutions
3/21/18 - Bruce A. Wall  - $250 donated by Tonlino & Sons
3/22/18 - Mike Seward - $150 donated by Curtiss Landscaping
3/23/18 - Amy Golden - $100 donated by Riska Brook Orchard
3/24/18 - Erik Haupt - Donated by Knox Trail Inn
3/25/18 - Ron Shaw - $100 donated by Pittsfield Communications Systems, Inc.
3/26/18 - Dana Mackenzie - $100 donated by Berkshire Bank
3/27/18 - Jane Gleason - $50 donated by Chester Granite
3/28/18 - Mickey Shimmon - $100 donated by Susan Tarasuk of Snow Farm
3/29/18 - Robert Hammer  - $150 donated by Gary O'Brien Property Services
3/30/18 - Ann Marie Holian- $50 donated by The Drenga Family
3/31/18 - Lori Crittendon  - $100 donated by Chip Crandall - Meyer Well Drilling