October 2018

October News 2018

Farmington River Elementary School is hosting a Flu Immunization Clinic with the help of Fairview Hospital on:
Tuesday, October 9th
3 PM – 7 PM
in the Music Room
There is no cost for the vaccine, but we ask that people bring their insurance card if they have insurance. Everyone can get a shot, whether they have insurance or not.

Please wear a short sleeve shirt, or layers, to make administration a little easier.

We do have flu mist available for those 49 years old and younger who meet the health requirements.

If you have any questions before the clinic, please feel free to call Heather Barbieri at (413) 854-9635.

Random Acts of Kindness Close to Home –

My son Evan and I were in the Dollar Tree in Great Barrington in mid-September scrounging for good deals on useful school supplies for my classroom.  I was filling my basket with post-its, highlighters, folders, etc. when I finally reached the end of the “teacher aisle”. To my surprise, I noticed that they carried children’s literature!  Being the new reading teacher for the upper grades (and also having a bargain book buying addiction!) I began digging through the three double stacked shelves that were in disarray and piling books on the floor beside my heaping basket.  

As I dug around on my hands and knees, checking each shelf over and over, I noticed a gentleman had walked by a few times.  I assumed he was working, stocking shelves, and continued my book hunt.  Finally, he stopped and said he couldn’t help but wonder if I was a teacher.  When I confirmed his assumption, he smiled and said his daughter also taught down South.  At that point he extended his hand and offered me a Dollar Tree gift card.  He noted that it wasn’t much, but he wanted to do something to help out my classroom.  I thanked him profusely and acknowledged that his generous offer was greatly appreciated no matter the denomination.  

As he walked away, I looked down at Evan and whispered, “good people do exist“.  When we went to the counter to pay, the gift card was worth $20!  It was so incredible.  Hoping to get his name to write him a thank you card, the cashier informed me that the gentleman did not work in the store; rather he was just a random customer.  This made my heart melt even more!

I wanted to take the time to share this story because there is not always a lot of good in the news lately.  However, it is great to know that a complete stranger can remind us of all the good in life and that there is always time to display a random act of kindness.

At the right time and at the right moment, I know I will be sure to pay it forward.

Bethany Mielke – Grade 4 Teacher


Art News…

Sculptures and Towers representing student hopes and dreams are in progress, and should be finished before the end of October. The towers will be on display at the Annual Holiday Art Exhibit at the Otis Library from mid-November until late December. Students are invited to bring in artwork created at home for the exhibit.  Other works created in the art room will also be on display.

MARK THE DATE: As in the past years, the Reception for ARTS NIGHT will be held the same night as the Holiday Music Concert, for a double dash of holiday arts festivities! Students who attend both events will be eligible for a raffle prize! More on this as we approach the Holidays!


Preschool News…

Mrs. Hamill would like to remind her Preschool   families about the apple picking field trip to     Riiska Brook Orchard on October 5th from 9:00am-11:00am.

Preschoolers and parents are to meet at the Orchard – 101 New  Hartford Road, Sandisfield, MA 01255    


Picture Day October 11th!

Look for the flyer to come home with your child showing a choice of poses and backgrounds to select. All children will be photographed for school ID purposes. Make-Up Day is November 15th


Kids Café News …

The students had a chance to sample our new menu items Chicken Teriyaki and Mozzarella Cheese Bites. They loved them!  Fresh peaches and pears have been served daily for breakfast and lunch and even in our smoothies!

Have a great school year!  


Computer Fun and Learning – Measurement Games

This October, get your child excited about measurements with this selection of colorful, interactive games! Kids can practice using rulers to estimate and compare lengths and heights, use measurement vocabulary, and gain experience measuring in both metric and standard units. Go to any web browser and type in the link below or look for the links on our school website: www.frrsd.org.

     PreK Castle Measurement –

     Grade K – Biggest and Smallest Mud Hope –

     Grade 1 – Reordering Objects –

     Grade 2 – Movie Night Measurement –

     Grade 3 – World Tour Measurement –

     Grade 4 – Sal’s Sub Shop –

     Grade 5 – Artie Ounces Soda Jerk –

     Grade 6 – Horrendous Soup –