November 2018

Random Acts of Kindness Close to Home –

You’ve Been Mugged!”

This is something we never want to hear anyone say but in this instance, it is fantastic! One of our kind, generous staff members took it upon themselves to start a Random Act of Kindness for Staff! You receive a mug filled with goodies, by an anonymous co-worker. You get instructions along with it on how you could pass the gratitude to other co-workers if you choose! What an amazing feeling to find a special “gift” outside of your office or classroom, for no specific reason, except someone is spreading kindness.

My experience with this was fantastic on both ends. This particular day I was having a rough morning! Things started off not going well, and then it felt like it was a downward spiral effect!   I walked into school on the grumpy side but thinking I need to change my attitude. When I reached my office door, there was a tin pumpkin with sweet treats in it and a sign that said “You’ve Been Mugged”. I was so taken back, that I literally had tears in my eyes!

We talk about how it is kind to do things for others randomly, but this particular day was amazing. It changed my entire attitude and reminded me that it’s the small things in life that can brighten someone’s day. No matter how much we teach our students this life lesson, we are all human and can forget at times. To whoever started this, THANK YOU, not only for the treats but mostly for the reminder of how little things can change someone’s day!           – Miss Terri

Fall Has Arrived –

Please remember to send your student to school with the proper clothing as they will still be going outside.

Warm coat, lightweight gloves, hat and boots/sneakers.

The Kid’s Café News –

All of the students had the opportunity to sample homemade cherry muffins and canary melon which is a cross between honey dew melon and cantaloupe. They enjoyed them so much!    

As always breakfast is available from 8:00 to 8:45 am.

Veteran’s Day Breakfast –

We invite All Veterans to join us for a Celebration of Veterans’ Day at Farmington River Regional School on Tuesday, November 13th.  

The celebration will begin with a breakfast in the cafeteria from 9am-9:30am. The third and fifth graders will join the veterans for breakfast. They will meet and greet our veterans while learning about their service!  An assembly in the gym will follow at 9:30am.

Please feel free to join us!

Things Kindergartener’s Can Do at Home –

  • Practice the Fundation homework a few times a week.
  • Help make a grocery list and then help find the items at the grocery store.
  • Read a story and ask questions about it (Who were the characters? What was the setting? What happened in the beginning, middle and end? What was the problem? How did they fix the problem? Tell me your favorite part.)
  • Write names of people around you.
  • Tell stories to each other.

PE & Health News –

The K-2nd grades just finished the unit on Hopscotch, we used hula hoops to learn the game. The children had fun with jumping and tossing inside a hula hoop, the weather did not cooperate with us going outside.

The 3rd-6th grade finished the unit on Soccer. Again, we tried to get outside to play a few games of soccer but the New England weather made this difficult.

In Health, K-2 learned about bus safety, about themselves and how to interview a friend.

The 3rd-6th grades learned about setting goals for themselves and how to reach those goals.

We just started Fire Safety with all grades, this will continue for the next few lessons. Please talk with your children about Fire Safety and coming up with an escape plan if ever you need it.

Counselor’s Korner –

During the month of October the lower grades have continued to focus on the Zones of Regulation, as well as working on the size of the problem vs. size of the reaction; Yes, they should match!

The upper grades are working hard on continuing to develop growth mindsets when things get tough! Nothing is going to get them down. They all are changing any negative thoughts into positive thoughts! The positive attitudes are exploding from them! It’s also great to see them helping their peers overcome a fixed mindset!!

The month of November we will continue to focus on our lessons, in addition to doing some super fun lessons on Kindness and ways to be Thankful.
Computer Fun and Learning – Data and Graphing

This November, get your child excited about data and graphing with this selection of colorful, interactive games! Kids can practice creating and interpreting graphs and coordinate planes. Go to any web browser and type in the link below or look for the links on our school website:

   Grades PreK and K – Fuzz Bugs Graphing –

   Grade 1 – Color Bar Graph –

   Grade 2 – Bar Graphing with Roly –

    Grade 3 – Bar Graphing with Eggs –

     Grade 4 – Graphing Points to Find Treasure –

     Grade 5 – Scaled Bar Graphs in Space –

     Grade 6 – Treasure Hunting – Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane –

Nature’s Classroom –

Last week, the fifth and sixth grade students from Farmington River Elementary School took their learning outdoors at Nature’s Classroom in the town of Yarmouthport, MA on Cape Cod, where they stayed for five days.

The trip to Nature’s Classroom in Yarmouth Port, MA is an every other year trip, where they get to experience a new sense of community and build confidence outside of the classroom, all while learning about the natural world around them. Living together for a week creates a sense of community and confidence, intended to translate into the classroom. The beautiful coastal environment of Cape Cod such as tidal flats on the bay side, the National Seashore, cranberry bogs, and salt marshes, makes it very accessible and safe for kids to explore.

Over the course of the week, students participated in a variety of activities including team-building exercises and classes that tie in nature with their school curriculum. The program features hands-on activities including an experimental science fair, day trips to explore their natural surroundings, and an improvisational sketch comedy show. Some classes are taught indoors in a more traditional manner, but most are interactive outdoor classes that incorporate nature and life skills into the lessons. Moreover, the camp is a technology-free zone, meaning the students do not have access to internet and cell phones, two things that particular generation has hardly had to live without.

The students had an amazing time on the trip and are grateful to the Farmington River School District for funding and allowing this wonderful experience! – Mrs. Flower and Mr. Keller

Thanksgiving Baskets –

As is our tradition, we will be collecting food for local families again this year. Below is list, by grade, of suggested donations. Please have donations in by November 19, 2018. Items listed are only suggestions. Anything that you can contribute is greatly appreciated.            

The Farmington River Regional Teachers Association will provide the turkeys

Preschool – Paper products: sandwich bags, plastic wrap, foil, napkins, paper towels

Kindergarten – Snacks: Popcorn, peanuts, dried fruits, pretzels, crackers, granola bars

First & Second – Boxed Goods: pancake mix, cereals, oatmeal, cake mix, pudding

Third & Fourth – Canned Goods: soups, gravy, vegetables, fruits, pie filling, pickles, peanut butter, olives, jelly

Fifth – Drinks: juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate

Sixth – Staples: rice, pasta, flour, sugar, ketchup seasonings, mustard

Admin, Teachers and Staff – Fresh Produce: Potatoes, Apples, Celery, Carrots, Squash, onions

Thank you for your generosity!