September 2020

Dear Farmington River Families,

As we approach the beginning of a new school year, I want to assure you that all staff has worked hard to prepare the school to be a safe and productive learning environment.   School begins next Thursday, September 10th.  Cohort A will start their hybrid learning at school on Thursday and have remote learning on Friday.  Cohort B will log on to Zoom at 9:00 AM with their classroom teacher’s on Thursday morning and begin learning at school on Friday. As a reminder, Cohort A will attend school in person every Monday and Thursday.  Cohort B will attend school in person every Tuesday and Friday.  All students will learn remotely on Wednesdays. On Tuesday, October 6th, all students in both Cohorts will attend in person, five days a week. As you know, our plan will allow parents and families to choose to adjust the instruction method from in-person to remote or from remote to in-person, every four weeks. All changes to the instruction method are to be communicated to the teacher one week in advance to allow for proper planning.

More technology information will be coming shortly from teachers and staff. Please note that there is a Technology Help and Getting Started with Remote Learning Guide on the website, which lists technology tutorials, frequently asked technology-related questions and answers, and a form to fill out if you have additional questions. A letter with your student’s passwords and how to get started with remote learning will be sent home with supplies for remote learners any other family picking up supplies on Tuesday. On Thursday, the letter will be handed out in the classroom for students in Cohort A who did not receive it on Tuesday and will be emailed to students in cohort B who did not receive the letter on Tuesday, so they have the information before class begins on Thursday. 

Transitions to and from school will be staggered to provide maximum safety to all. Parents/Guardians are to drop off students between 8:10 AM-8:30 AM in the upper parent parking lot across from the school’s entry. Paraprofessionals will assist students in the building from the parking lot. Due to COVID19, parents will not be permitted to enter the building without prior permission from the Superintendent/ Principal. Student dismissal for parent pickup will occur at 3:00 PM – 3:05 PM.

As part of the reopening plan due to COVID-19, the school has implemented additional procedures consistent with state guidelines.  A daily health screening online form will be required and must be completed by all staff and the parents/guardians of each student. The student daily health check form can be accessed on the homepage of our website.  If the form is not completed, the student will be screened by the School Nurse.   If a pattern develops of failure to complete the Student Daily Health Check form, the school could transfer the student to remote learning. Additionally, all students and staff must wear face coverings when in common areas, including the bus and vans. Parents should send their children to school with a clean mask each day.  Masks will be provided for families who may forget. Students will be given mask breaks throughout the day. They will not be required in the lunchroom when eating at their seat.  We fully realize this requirement will be difficult for some of our younger students, and we will do our best to assist them.

Consistent with state regulatory guidance, students demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms will be immediately monitored by the nurse in a designated safe place. I have instructed the school nurse to send students home, instantly at the first sign of any symptoms.   The school is not able to test for COVID or the flu.  Students will be required to see their healthcare provider before returning to school.  I realize this puts an additional burden on Parents/Guardians, but I must keep the students’ and staff’s health and safety as my priority. Please remember, when in doubt, sit it out.

The Department of Education has mandated that all schools keep attendance records for all learners.  Parents are expected to call the school to report if their child will not be attending either in person or working remotely due to illness.  All students are also expected to complete assignments by their due dates, both in school and remote learners.  Grades will be significantly affected by missing assignments and low attendance and could affect grade-level promotion in June of 2021.


Thomas Nadolny
Farmington River Regional School District
Superintendent of Schools