Our teachers create an academic environment where children are engaged to be active learners. Following the Farmington River Elemementary Curriculum Maps and Massachusetts State Standards, Farmington River teachers use their experience, the latest techniques and tools in technology and researched Best Practices to foster life long learners. We believe in providing a well-rounded education and a nurturing setting that allows our students to reach their highest potential and goals. 

Our classrooms provide all the fundamentals in the core classes of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies while granting opportunities to explore and enjoy art, music, technology, and physical education. We provide students with research, computer, and adaptive learning skills that will aid them in their future. Additionally, we offer students the necessary support and challenges when appropriate.


Welcome to Our Classrooms


Ms. Maxton

Ms. Ferrara- Assistant

Ms. Yvon – Assistant

First Grade

Mrs. Lander

Second Grade

Ms. Tracy

Ms. Oleksak – Temp. Teacher

Third Grade

Ms. Martin


Fourth Grade

Ms. Graham

Fifth Grade

Mr. Keller

Sixth Grade

Ms. McArthur


Ms. Hamill

Ms. Higgins

Ms. Dolan

Ms. Messina


Ms. Catullo – Art

Mr. Goulet – Music

Ms. Daley – Phys Ed

Ms. Flower – Technology

Ms. Cannon –

Ms. Bliven
Library Aide


Ms. Decker – Special Ed.

Ms. Fleming – Special Ed.

Ms.. Bush – Title 1

Ms. Becker – Title 1

Ms. Middleton – Title 1

Ms. Lewis – Speech & Language

Ms. Hastings – Speech & Language