The art program at Farmington River Elementary School is one with many important goals and objectives. Brain research has shown that a quality art program helps students to perform better in all curriculum areas. This approach to whole brain development encourages higher order thinking skills and improved problem solving capabilities. The activities and experiences that are offered in the art room can directly enhance the child’s performance in all areas while offering a unique opportunity for personal enrichment and self-expression.

The primary goals of the art program are:

  • To present developmentally appropriate lessons that teach, through a variety of methods, materials and techniques, the elements of art and the principles of design.
  • To present students with art problems that connect to their lives in a meaningful way.
  • To encourage creative experimentation and risk taking in a safe and supportive environment.
  • To expose children to art and artists from many time periods and cultures as a way to increase understanding and artistic literacy.
  • To offer art based interdisciplinary instruction in order to help students develop new understanding as a result of making connections.
  • To help each child realize his/her full potential, discover his/her creative voice and begin to employ it as a vehicle for self-expression.
It is through the pursuit of these goals that the art program helps each student to gain a greater awareness of them self, the world they live in, and ultimately, an understanding of the art making process as a way to impact that world in a unique and meaningful way.

The Art Program always appreciates donations from families of the following recyclable items:
paper towel rolls, egg cartons, all plastic containers with lids, plastic utensils, magazines with interesting pictures, large cardboard rolls, various sizes of cardboard boxes- especially those with interesting labels, large pieces of stiff flat cardboard, fabric, yarn, and any found objects that might be usable in a sculpture or mixed media project. If families have any other materials they would like to donate, please contact Ms. Catullo. Thank you!