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October 2017

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  • Picture Day is Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Keep us updated to any changes to your contact info, such as:  Address, telephone number, email address
  • Call by 9:00 AM if your child is absent or will be late
  • A note from parent/guardian must be sent into school for any change to the usual after-school dismissal routine
  • NO CARS are allowed in the driveway during arrival / dismissal. It is best to park in the Visitor’s Lot or the side lot and have your child walk on the sidewalk.
  • Consider paying for your child’s meals monthly—either online or with cash or a check—for your convenience.


Our after-school Enrichment Clubs are up and running already this year! We’re starting the year with the Explorers Club where students explore and document the changing seasons in the woods behind the school. Students will also explore the world using Google Maps and Google Earth.

 Enrichment Clubs are free and open to FRRES students in grades 4-6. The next club starts in November, so keep an eye out around Halloween for the next club sign-up sheet!”

~ Mrs. Cannon

Health & PE News


Please make sure all students come prepared with sneakers for PE class. With the cooler weather approaching it can be easy to forget to pack them.

A good tip – – leave a pair at school, that way you are always prepared.

This will be a great year!

~Mrs. Daley

 Kids’ Café News

October was an exciting month here at The Kids’ Café!

We would like to thank Mrs. Jana Bush for the endless donations from her farm stand to the Staff salad bar and another huge thank you to Mrs. Rebecca Hamill for her donation of tomatoes from her family’s farm stand. We made homemade spaghetti sauce with these tomatoes. Yummy!

The Kids’ Café is working together with Big Y to provide us with local fresh fruits and veggies. We are also participating in the Massachusetts Farm to School Harvest of The Month Project. Each month we will promote a different Massachusetts food to encourage healthy food choices. Students who try the Harvest of the Month will get a trading card which talks about the healthy food choice.

October 2017


Administrators and teachers everywhere recognize the important contributions parents and guardians make toward a child’s success in school.  There is no question about it – success at school begins at home.  Parents and guardians are the single most important variable in a child’s schooling.  Parents model both a silent and spoken language in front of their children daily.

     Farmington River Elementary has a strong tradition of supportive, hard-working parents/guardians.  Throughout the year parents have the opportunity to develop that partnership in a wide variety of ways.  Parents join the PTA, volunteer in the classroom, attend School Council meetings, read to their children and help in many other ways.  It is important to your child that you are involved in some way at school.  It’s a way to let your child know you think his or her school is important.

     As we begin a new school year, we find teachers establishing school standards and rules.  In the most successful classrooms, teachers have established specific routines for the children to follow.  This means giving the children a specific place to find and keep materials, a set schedule for classroom instruction, etc. These routines, blended with the teacher’s consistent standards, form a smooth running classroom where the children have the security of understanding their environment and are reinforced positively for their contributions.

     At home, it is also important to provide routines. Many families build a daily “quiet time” when the television is turned off.  This quiet time provides students the opportunity for completing schoolwork or for recreational reading if there is no homework.  During this quiet time a suitable place, somewhat free of other distractions, should be available.  The routine of a daily quiet time provides an opportunity to develop self-discipline, stimulate imagination, and enhance reading skills. 

     As families establish routines for the new school year, it is helpful to keep in mind that childhood is a special time of learning, exploration and growth.  Children need to be provided free time to explore their world and experience the joy of discovery.

    Hopefully we can provide time for our children to be children.  The realities of the adult world will be there all too soon. As children grow and learn, they find joy and satisfaction in working closely with their families toward a common goal.  Such is the case with the students at FRES. Commitment to the best for our children on the part of parents, guardians, students and staff is the key to our success with the children we teach.  It is the hope of the staff that all parents and guardians will help us fulfill this commitment to excellence on behalf of ALL children at FRES.