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September 2017

Welcome Back!!

We have a lot of things going on Farmington River Elementary now and in the months to come. Please take a moment to read this newsletter and make note of upcoming events. We want you to be well informed. As we begin another new year of school, I want to share with you just a bit of our educational philosophy.

The research and our experience is overwhelming that parents’ positive engagement can have significant influence on the child’s academic achievements and success in school! It influences not only student achievement, but also students’ expectations for themselves, their goal setting, and their engagement in appropriate social behaviors.

The FRRSD philosophy is that we want parents to be involved and engaged with their children’s education. Parent engagement means that parents hold high expectations for their children and make education a priority in the family.

On Thursday September 14th we will hold our “Back to School Night” Please join us in the gym at 6:00PM for a brief introduction of new staff. Classroom visits will start at 6:15PM with two 20 minute segments allowing parents/guardians to visit multiple classrooms.

We also have another staffing change to announce. Mrs. Packie will be leaving the district effective September 22nd. Mrs. Packie has been with the district for eleven years and will be missed. We all wish her well in her endeavor.