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April 2018

Kid’s Café…

Harvest of the Month for March was “Dairy”. We serve Smoothies every Wednesday and on top of that we had “Fettuccine Broccoli Alfredo” and Yogurt Parfaits with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast. The students loved it! 

Harvest of the Month for April is “Potatoes”. Keep a look out for some exciting new additions to our menu! We buy all of our produce locally!

Please check out our Facebook for daily menu and exciting news!                 


Seussical Kids…

Mr. Goulet is happy to announce our musical “Seussical Kids” which will be held on Thursday, April 27, 2018 at 1:00pm & 6:00pm.

The musical tells a story about   Horton, who discovers a speck of dust containing people called the Whos. Horton not only has to   protect the Whos from a world of negative people and dangers, he must also guard an abandoned egg that’s been left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie LaBird!

Ultimately the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant!


Art Corner…

Students are finishing up their March Madness projects, college pennants, and basketball and hockey uniform designs.

The Elite Eight pennants (eight of the best original designs created by 3-6 graders) will be selected and on display in the gym for the duration of the school year.

The most original Uniform Designs will be selected from k-2 grade submissions and will also be on display in the gym.

In April, Students will continue with action drawings and life drawings, as well as beginning independent projects (5th and 6th grade), and print-making (grades k-4).


 Student Council News…

The Fun Night and Sleep-Over event sponsored by Student Council is all set to happen Friday, April 6th!

If you would like your child to attend either the fun and games program (for grades 1-3 from 6am-8pm) or the Sleep-over/Lock in (for grades 4-6 from 8pm Friday until 9am Saturday) and you have not yet sent in your permission forms and fee, please call the office to see if there are still spots open.


Otis Police Department News…

Chief Roberta Sarnacki of the Otis Police Department will be assigning FRRES a Student Resource Officer.

The officer will provide an unannounced presence in the building on a rotating basis as well as having lunch with our students.


Our March Madness Reading Program numbers are in! …

The Pre-K through 1st grades read a total of 643 books! Our 2nd through 6th graders read a total of 14,600 minutes!

Congratulations to all our readers. Stay tuned to next month’s newsletter for the final results of our March Madness Final Four Assembly!


April 2018

Dear Parent and Guardians,

I am sure we all are very thankful that April has arrived.  I am happy to see the thermometer on the rise allowing students to get outside more often and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Students will go for walks, play on the playground, and play games around the building as part of their educational day.  Play is an important part of a student’s education.  Please remember to have your child wear sneakers so he/she has a safe experience outside. 

The month of April also brings MCAS testing.   This year grades 4-6 will complete all of their testing online.  Grade three will still use the traditional paper based test and switch over to online next year. Testing will start on April 2, and continue through the month.  I worked with teachers to develop a schedule that gave students a break between testing sessions whenever possible.  The staff and I have made it a point not to bring too much attention to this in an effort to reduce the stress level some student’s experience.  The classroom teachers and paraprofessionals have stepped up again to provide their grade levels with an additional recess periods to decompress after testing. 

As always please feel free to call or stop by with any questions or concerns.

Tom Nadolny


Cash Calendar Winners!
2/28/18 - Shari Foucher - $300 donated by Mark & Sherry DeCelle, Ameriprise Financial, 413-644-3270
2/29/18 - Lindsay Smith - $100 donated by Wendy Berman, Iron Blender Studios,
3/1/18 -  Ed Deming -  $250 Donated in Memory of BRP
3/2/18 – Paul Quigley - $100 Otis Poultry Farm & Farmington River Diner
3/3/18 – Kristen O’Brien - $250 John Field Tree Service
3/4/18 – Michael Koldys - $150 Stearns Construction
3/5/18 - Kevin Granger - $200 donated by GJ Pease Logging & Land Clearing
3/6/18 - Bethany Perry - $100 donated by P&R Construction
3/7/18  - Joseph Salzano -  $200  Anonymous donor
3/8/18 - Rich O'Brien - $100 donated by Jody's Floor Sanding
3/9/18 - Frania Caulfield  - $50 donated by Hair in Otis
3/10/18 - Dave Prouty - $100 donated by Robert R. Kimberley, Electrician
3/11/18 - Corraine Annecharico - $100 donated by Anonymous
3/12/18 - Dorothy French - $75 donated by Wood Sculpture by KF Packie
3/13/18 - Glenn Pierce - $120 donated by RSE, LLC Bogart Muller
3/14/18 - Lori Curtain  - $50 donated by KRM Office Equipment
3/15/18 - Mary Ellen Douthwright - $100 donated by John's Home Improvement
3/16/ 18 - Henry Sweren  - $150 donated by SS Home Improvements/Steve Seddon
3/17/18 - Tab VanDeusen  - $500 donated by Soap & Suds
3/18/18  - Daniel Odell - $100 donated by RJ Beham Forest Products
3/19/18 -  Michael Decker - $150 donated by New Boston Crane
3/20/18 - Frania Caulfield   - $150 donated by Andrus Power Solutions
3/21/18 - Bruce A. Wall  - $250 donated by Tonlino & Sons
3/22/18 - Mike Seward - $150 donated by Curtiss Landscaping
3/23/18 - Amy Golden - $100 donated by Riska Brook Orchard
3/24/18 - Erik Haupt - Donated by Knox Trail Inn
3/25/18 - Ron Shaw - $100 donated by Pittsfield Communications Systems, Inc.
3/26/18 - Dana Mackenzie - $100 donated by Berkshire Bank
3/27/18 - Jane Gleason - $50 donated by Chester Granite
3/28/18 - Mickey Shimmon - $100 donated by Susan Tarasuk of Snow Farm
3/29/18 - Robert Hammer  - $150 donated by Gary O'Brien Property Services
3/30/18 - Ann Marie Holian- $50 donated by The Drenga Family
3/31/18 - Lori Crittendon  - $100 donated by Chip Crandall - Meyer Well Drilling