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April 2019

Teacher Opening for 2019-2020 School Year:
.6 Elementary Music Teacher – Pre-K through Grade 6
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March Madness Final Assembly – Friday, April 12 at 1:30!!
We will be holding our March Madness Final Assembly before April break. Students have been working very hard on their foul shots and strategies for the hot shot shooting con-test. Check with your students during break to see how it turned out!

Student Council News
Student Council is sponsoring an all school fun event on Friday, May 3rd. WE ARE IN NEED OF A FEW MORE PARENT VOLUNTEERS. The evening will start at 5:00 and will feature an “Olympic games” event with 10 activity stations. The games event is open to all grades K-6 students and will include pizza and refreshments. The games will end at 6:30 and all students in grades K-3 will need to be transported home by a parent at that time. The second part of the event will be an end of the year dance from 7-8:30 and will be open to students in grades 4-6. Students in grades 4-6 can opt to attend one or both of the evening events. There will be a small admission fee to cover costs of pizza and refreshments. The fee for students attending only the games event is $3. The fee for students in grades 4-6 who are attending the dance is $5. This fee includes admission to the games event. A flyer will be sent home in early April for parents to sign and return to the school. Parents interested in volun-teering should contact the school or email Laura Catullo at

PE News
During PE classes in April we will be learning about tennis. K-2 learn basic manipulation skills through a variety of games. 3-6 build upon those skills through game play!

Happy Spring From The Kids Cafe:
We had the opportunity to meet with the Student Council and the Council did a survey with all of the students looking for ideas for new menu items. April’s menu is show-casing two new items that were on top of the list. We will be serving Cheese Quesadillas and Nachos & Cheese. We will have a “Potato Bar” on the 23rd with our Baked Chicken and we will also serve “Chili” with our Hot Dogs to the students who want it. Enjoy!!

April 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am sure we all are very thankful that April has arrived after what was a long winter. I am happy to see the thermometer on the rise allowing students to get outside more often and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Please remember to have your child wear sneakers so he/she has a safe experience outside.

The month of April also brings MCAS testing. The staff and I have made it a point not to bring too much attention to this in an effort to reduce the stress level some student’s experience. The classroom teachers and paraprofessionals in the past have stepped up and provided their grade levels with an additional recess period to decompress after testing.

The grand finale of our March Madness activities will be April 12th at 1:30 in the gym and the public is welcome. Many thanks to all the staff who made that possible.

As always please feel free to call or stop by with any questions or concerns.

Tom Nadolny

Cash Calendar Winners!
2019 Winners:
Feb 26 - Julie Fielding, $250 donated by Mark & Sherry DeCelle, Ameriprise Financial
Feb 27 - Kelly Dolan, $100 donated by Wendy Berman, Iron Blender Studio
Feb 28 - Nick Dellaguistina, $250 donated in Memory of BRP
March 1 - Hannah Van Sickle, $100 donated by  Otis Poultry Farm and Farmington River Diner
March 2 - Roger Meyer, $250 donated by John Field Tree Services
March 3 - Deb Prew, $150 donated by Stearns Construction
March 4 - Robin Morrison, $250 donated by GJ Pease Logging & Land Clearing
March 5 - Roger Meyer, $100 donated by P&R Construction
March 6 - Jessica Havens, $125 donated by A&M Auto
March 7 - Dolores Harasyko, $100 donated by Jody's Floor Sanding
March 8 - Meghann Arnold, $50 donated by Soules Sports and Fitness
March 9 - Francine Larson, $100 donated by Kimberly Electric
March 10 - Melissa OBrien, $100 donated by Katie's Country Store
March 11 - Kristen Curtin Palmer, $50 donated by Berkshire Mountain Sculpture (Ken Packie)
March 12 - Kim Wilder, $125 donated by RSE, LLC Bogart Muller
March 13 - James Schwab, $ 50 donated by KRM Office Equipment
March 14 - Tom Lovett, $75 donated by John's Home Improvement
March 15 - Jerry Keefner, $150 donated by SS Home Improvements (Steve Seddon)
March 16 - Linda White, $100 donated by RJ Beham Forest Products
March 17 - Ben Strauss, $500 donated by Soap and Suds
March 18 - Marion Middleton, $150 donated by New Boston Crane
March 19 - Marion Middleton, $50 donated by Colebrook Store
March 20 - Alexcia Adams, $250 donated by Tonlino & Sons
March 21 - Jenna Lewis, $150 donated by Curtiss Landscaping
March 22 - Michelle Lane, $100 donated by Riska Brook Orchard
March 23 - David McCuin, $250 donated by Knox Trail Inn
March 24 - Tim Grady, $100 donated by Pittsfield Comnunication Systems, Inc.
March 25 - Dennis Mountain, $100 donated by Berkshire Bank
March 26 - Carole Hammer, $100 donated by Chester Granite
March 27 - Allie Crespo, $100 donated by Susan Tarasuk (Snow Farm)
March 28 - Wendy Scott, $100 donated by Gary O'Brien
March 29 - Sheila Miezejewski, $100 donated by the Drenga Family
March 30 - Roger Bailey Sr., $100 donated by Chip Crandall - Meyer Well Drilling
March 31 - Daniel Odell - $100 donated by Bruce's Hardware
April 1 - Myrtle Ross - $100 donated by Center for Dance
April 2 - Mike Funk - $50 donated by Tucker's
April 3 - Barb Adams - $75 donated by Osiris Photo Co.
April 4 - Ron Wightwood - $100 donated by Subterranean Drilling
April 5 - Lorie Smigel - $100 donated by Mielke Landscape & Construction