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Letter from our Nurse / Health Guideline September 2020

Updated Letter from Mr. Nadolny dated 9/27/2020

Dear Farmington River Families,

School is back in session and the students and staff have done an amazing job!  I was pleased to see the students adapt to the new normal procedures contained within the school day.  Having to wear a mask, social distancing, individual tables at lunch, plastic shields at their desks, just to name a few.  Who ever thought school would look like this?  Hat’s off to staff and students for making this switch seamless.

I want to start by thanking everyone for doing a great job completing the Student Daily Health Check each morning.  It is especially important that we continue to do this as cold and flu season arrives to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The bus and parent drop off seems to be working as smoothly as possible.  Parent drop offs should still occur in the center parking lot with parents/guardians delivering the student to Mrs. Olds so she can escort them across the driveway safely.  Some buses may be delayed in arrival time, as Lee MS/HS reopens.  We use the same buses and they need to be sanitized after each run.  If we anticipate a longer than usual delay, we will Robo call those effected.

This year I anticipate the Department of Education allowing us to make snow days remote learning days for all students.  This will be like the Blizzard Bag days of years past, but all online.

The school has received a few requests for assignments for students going on vacation.  I wanted to remind everyone about the Governor’s order that if you travel to a state that is not on the safe travel list you must self-quarantine for 14 days or have a negative COVID test when you return.  The school is also following these guidelines.

October 6th is going to be a big day for FRES.  This is the day that both cohorts return, and FRES returns to having students full time five days a week.  If you are a remote learner and want to make the switch back to in person learning, you may make that decision monthly.  The school needs to know of your decision one week prior to the end of each month.

Thank you as always for your continued support!


Thomas Nadolny
Farmington River Regional School District
Superintendent of Schools

Farmington River Distance Learning at it’s Best!

A Day In The Life Of Mr. Keller Video Series

School Principal’s Day

Throughout the school year, these educators assume the commitment to lead our young people to a prosperous future. They support and guide quality teachers and staff resulting in productive learning environments for our children. In May we celebrate School Principal’s Day!

Remember to take the time to thank Mr. Nadolny!


Farmington River will be celebrating Screen-Free week starting May 18th! Challenge yourself to go screen-free for a part of each day. Even 10 minutes of screen-free time pro-vides an opportunity for creative thinking, family connection and so much more! Farmington River staff have created a giant list of fun, family activities to help get you jumpstarted. There are even some amazing community service projects on there! Take a look and see what ideas your teachers have for being screen-free. Send a picture to show your teachers and friends what you did to celebrate Screen-Free Week!

Farmington River Elementary School teachers provide so much to our students’ inspiration, motivation, and futures.

Our teachers change the lives of the students every day, and their impact extends far beyond the boundaries of their classrooms, especially now that we have transitioned to remote learning!

In May we celebrate all of the amazing teachers that Farmington River has. Send your teacher a message thanking him/her for all they do day in and day out to make sure our students continue to grow and thrive!

School Lunch Hero Day

In May we celebrate Ms. Kendra and Ms. Candy for all they do and continue to do to provide healthy breakfast and lunch options for our children. Send them a message and let them know you appreciate all they do for the children of Farmington River.

National School Nurse Day – 

National School Nurse Day honors all school nurses who care for the children n the schools every day. In the month of May we celebrate Mrs. Zuidema for all the great care she gives us all! Send Mrs. Zuidema a message thanking her for all she does to keep Farmington River students healthy!


Here is the link to a great read aloud by Awnie’s Story Time. It is called “Why We Stay Home, Susie Learns About Corona Virus.”



Remote Learning Artwork by Ms. Catullo’s Artists

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Dads, Step-Mothers, Step-Fathers, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers making a difference in the life of a child.