Grades 4-6

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Mrs. Mielke’s 4th Grade Daily Schedule

Please see the updated Virtual Learning schedule for 4th grade in our Daily Bulletin Slides found in your child’s Google Classroom! Have them show you!


Check GOOGLE CLASSROOM daily and look at our Daily Bulletin Slides every morning with your student.

Check in on assignments, missing work, grades, and feedback ANYTIME to see how your student is doing so there are no surprises!  


Thank you ALL for…
1. Your patience
2. Being responsible
3. Doing your best!
4. Using the slides to help you
5. Emailing me with questions OR asking questions during Zoom!
6. Being so helpful with each other
7. Sharing advice and strategies


Mr. Keller’s 5th Grade Remote Schedule


Daily Schedule

8:30-8:45 Morning Work

8:45-9:15 Morning Meeting 

9:15-10:30 Reading

10:30-10:40 Mask Break

10:40-11:00 Writing

11:00-11:45 Special 

11:50-12:35 Lunch / Recess

12:45-1:30 Mr. Keller’s Office Hours

12:35-12:50 Read Aloud / DEAR

12:50-1:20 Independent Math Work

1:20-1:30 Mask Break

1:30-2:15 Math Lesson 

2:15-2:50 Social Studies or Science

2:50-3:00 Pack up & Staggered Dismissal

5th Grade Special Schedule

5th Grade Daily Specials Schedule 
Monday:   P.E.
Tuesday:   Music
Wednesday:   Art
Friday:   P.E. / Health

Lunch: 11:50-12:13

Recess: 12:13-12:35

Mr. Foster’s 6th Grade Remote Schedule

6th Grade Daily Schedule

8:30-9:15 Morning Work & Meeting LIVE-all student must attend from 8:45-9:15

9:15-10:00 Special Please check in with the specialists’ google classrooms for the daily assignment

10:00-10:50 Reading LIVE-all students must attend

11:00-11:25 Writing

11:25-11:50 Math LIVE-all students must attend

11:50-12:35 Lunch & Recess

12:35-12:55 Read Aloud LIVE-all student must attend

12:55-1:55 Math

2:00-2:10 Mask Break & Snack

2:00-2:45 Independent Study / Mr. Foster’s Office Hours

2:45-2:55 Agendas, Pack Up & Staggered Dismissal

6th Grade Daily Specials Schedule 
Monday:   P.E.
Tuesday:   Art
Wednesday:   P.E. / Health
Friday:   Computer

Lunch: 11:50-12:13

Recess: 12:13-12:35