November 2017

 10/27/2017 New Employment Opportunity – School Business Manager 

Please Click Here for Application Details

A few reminders:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are November 9th. Call for an appointment
  • Keep us updated to any changes to your contact info, such as:  Address, telephone number, email address
  • Call by 9:00am if your child is absent or will be late
  • A note from parent/guardian must be sent into school for any change to the usual after-school dismissal routine
  • NO CARS are allowed in the driveway during arrival / dismissal. It is best to park in the Visitor’s Lot or the side lot and have your child walk on the sidewalk.
  • Consider paying for your child’s meals monthly—either online or with cash or a check—for your convenience.

Thanks for your cooperation & have a great year!

Enrichment Clubs

Our after-school Enrichment Clubs are up and running already this year! We’re starting the year with the Explorers Club where students explore and document the changing seasons in the woods behind the school. Students will also explore the world using Google Maps and Google Earth.

 Enrichment Clubs are free and open to FRRES students in grades 4-6. The next club starts in November, so keep an eye out around Halloween for the next club sign-up sheet!”

~ Mrs. Cannon

Health & PE News

Our next all-school walk is Wednesday, November 15 at 9:00am. November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month – wear purple to school that day!

~Mrs. Daley

Kids’ Cafe News

November Harvest of the Month is Kale!

A few fun facts about Kale, after a frost, Kale becomes sweeter. Kale has been cultivated for over 6,000 years and is loaded with Vitamins A, C, K fiber and antioxidants! 

Look for “Fruit & Kale” Smoothies and “Kale & Cheese Quesadillas” on our November menu. Enjoy!

Art News

Students are getting ready for the annual art exhibit at the Otis Library, featuring works by all students during the months of November through the end of December. Like last year, we are planning an ARTS NIGHT in December, in collaboration with Mr. Goulet, so that the Holiday Concert and the Holiday Exhibit Opening will be on the same night, allowing parents and students the opportunity to attend both. The Otis Library will sponsor the exhibit of student work and will provide refreshments for those attending the exhibit Opening. Stay tuned for the date of ARTS NIGHT!

Student Council Information

Farmington River has been without a Student Council for many years, but that is changing this year!  With help and guidance from Ms. Catullo, students will begin to learn about citizenship and government by participating in Student Council once again. The goal of the group is to give students a voice in the management of the school, encourage positive communication and character building, and support community service activities, as well as fun activities for the student body.  

The response was overwhelmingly positive from students wishing to run for offices of President, Vice-President, Head of Committees, Secretary and Treasurer.  Those students who expressed an interest in running for office were responsible for creating their own flyers and posters, which were hung all around the school.  They delivered speeches to all students about why they are running for office the last two weeks of October.  Then on November 7th, Election Day, all students in grades 1-6 vote by secret ballot for the officers they believe will do the best job representing them.

Meetings will be held a few times each month during school hours and sometimes after school, with students creating a constitution, and objectives, and making suggestions for improvements and fun.  The Student Council Secretary will keep you posted about meetings and upcoming events in the school newsletter.  If you have any questions about this new group, please contact Ms. Catullo.