Please view the FRRSD Technology Plan – 2014-2017

To adequately prepare our students for citizenship in the Information Age, computer-related technology must become a tool that students and teachers use routinely. Integration of technology into each area of curriculum also maximizes learning. Linking technology with core instructional objectives is what makes good, effective use of technology. Through direct experience with a wide array of processes, knowledge, and context, technology education helps to develop technological literacy.

Every student at Farmington River Elementary has the opportunity to acquire a working knowledge and familiarity with computers. Our base begins with a PC computer lab for full class instruction.

The hand-on activities focus on subject matter and show how appropriate technology can be employed as part of the overall learning experience. Computers are also found in the classroom where teachers demonstrate computer use and provide additional instruction. Each student in grades 4, 5, and 6 is provided with their own laptops for classroom use. 

We are proud to offer students a challenging and exciting look at technology and its ever-changing environment. Our staff is committed to an ongoing development of skills to provide with the best possible instruction.

Farmington River Regional School District offers its students many opportunities to use technology during the course of their education. As part of this use, each student and their parent or guardian must sign an Acceptable Use Policy which says they agree to follow the rules of using technology.

Technology Education
Web Safety Sites
Grades K-4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Below you will find sites that will help children learn ways to explore the web safely.